‘American Idol’ 11 Recap: Top 13 Guys

Since there’s 13 performances to get through, let’s just get right into it and start at the top with the first singer. Here’s our Top 13 Guys:

1. Reed Grimm: “Moves Like Jagger”
“Moves Like Jagger” is one of the biggest songs out there right now. But Reed Grimm’s arrangement was completely flipped upside down and it was unrecognizable. It’s one thing to make a song your own, but unfortunately he ruined the song. He played the drums at one point. And what was up with the sound gone for a moment? Did he curse?

2. Adam Brock: “Think”
For the cliffhanger build-up the show did at the end of the first Final Judgment episode, you would think Adam’s the best there ever was. But he’s not. His voice is decent enough, but unless the rest of the Top 13 Guys are terrible, I say he’ll be eliminated. There was nothing that grabbed me.

3. Deandre Brackensick: “Reasons”
In prior rounds, I’ve been impressed by his falsetto. But it didn’t have as much of an impact this time around. To his credit, though, that huge falsetto near the end was killer — just brilliant. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in. On a related note, what’s with these arrangements tonight? Are they trying to copy ‘The X Factor’ in changing up every single song even when it’s not necessary?

4. Colton Dixon: “Decode”
It’s hard to root for him when the judges broke the rules and let him audition when he didn’t even register. I absolutely love “Decode.” But Colton ruined it. Adam Lambert and James Durbin would’ve been able to pull it off, but it seemed like Colton was trying to imitate those two. Did. Not. Work.

5. Jeremy Rosado: “Gravity”
I wasn’t sure about it at first because I wasn’t sure if his voice was strong enough or not. But he quickly caught up and provided a very soothing and pleasant performance. I quite like the tone of his voice. Since he performed in the middle, let’s hope voters will remember him.

6. Aaron Marcellus: “Never Can Say Goodbye”
Aaron’s voice is made for a song like this. The soulfulness came forth and shined to the nth degree. And then after Deandre, we’ve got another killer note at the end. I wasn’t expecting him to pull that out. Here’s comes the talent!

7. Chase Likens: “Storm Warning”
After a very country Top 2 last year, I don’t think the show’s gonna want to do a repeat back to back; I’m sure the producers want to lay off the country just a tad. Chase sounded very amateur to me, almost as if he’s a country music wannabe and not an actual country singer. I don’t see him as Top 12 material.

8. Creighton Fraker: “True Colors”
Who would have thought Creighton would’ve picked a song like this? But you know what? He pulled it off. It was very intimate and tender, slow and soothing. Initially, I thought that he’d sail through to next week, but after hearing the rest of the guys, I’m not so sure now.

9. Phillip Phillips: “In the Air Tonight”
I didn’t think I would, but I actually quite liked it. His voice is very strong, and has an interesting tone to it — it’s hard to describe. Hopefully he can be just as good without a guitar, because if so, he can go far.

10. Eben Franckewitz: “Set Fire to the Rain”
We all knew someone would take on Adele eventually. Who knew it would be one of the guys, and especially Eben of them all? I have a feeling Eben will be voted in, but it’ll only be because of the cute factor. He really shouldn’t be here because the truth of the matter is that his voice is very weak. Because of his young age, I don’t think that his voice is mature enough yet. Maybe he should’ve waited another couple years or so to audition.

11. Heejun Han: “Angels”
In previous rounds, Heejun’s been featured heavily, but not for his singing (mainly for the drama he was involved in with the cowboy). He might make it just because of that. But “Angels” was not the right song for him at all. He lost all his personality and ended up turning in a karaoke performance. I read an article recently that said Heejun has the most Twitter followers. If that’s true, then the quality of this performance might not matter.

12. Joshua Ledet: “You Pulled Me Through”
I mentioned last week that Joshua reminds me of a male Fantasia. And now Ryan says his nickname is Mantasia. I love it! He’s becoming my favorite among the guys. I love the rasp and growl in his voice. I don’t think anyone’s covered a Jennifer Hudson song on ‘Idol’ before (I mean, any of her songs outside of ‘Dreamgirls’). So this was a pleasant surprise.

13. Jermaine Jones: “Dance with My Father”
It was obvious the judges were going to bring him back because you could tell that they had a hard time cutting him before. And because of this return, he’s all but guaranteed to be here next week. But people react to his deep voice and think it’s the best thing ever, but it’s not refined and honed in enough.