‘American Idol’ 11 Recap: Top 13 Results (Spoilers For UK Residents)

To kick off this first results after our finalists performed, the Top 13 cover Stevie Wonder’s “As.” And they’re actually singing it live. Stop the presses, everyone! I’m sure it’s been years since these results show group songs have been done live as opposed to pre-recorded and lip-synced. Even though their voices weren’t the best here, it was nice that we actually heard them.

Ford Music Video: “Big Time”

We see a quick video of Jimmy Iovine saying that it’s tough to take on the greats, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, especially Whitney. This was kind of a pointless little video, don’t you think? Obvious filler.

The first three contestants called to the stage are Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone and Hollie Cavanagh. In showing a recap of their songs, Jimmy’s favorites from this group are Hollie and Jessica. I say that Elise is in trouble. Jessica is safe! No surprise there. And Elise is in the Bottom 3 among the girls, which means that Hollie is also safe.

Now to the guys: Heejun Han, Jermaine Jones and Colton Dixon are called up. Jermaine maybe? Colton’s safe, and so is Heejun. So Jermaine’s in the Bottom 3 from the guys.

Last year’s Idol runner-up, Lauren Alaina, performs the fabulous “Georgia Peaches.” I love this song. At one point during the performance, she goes right up to Randy and includes his name in the lyrics, then she goes over and sits with the Top 13 and sings. Even though she’s always had a great personality, she was all over the place tonight in a great way. I love the way she worked the stage and studio. Did anyone catch that moment near the end when it looked like she threw something away from her? Did it have to do with her in-ear devices?

Erika Van Pelt, Shannon Magrane and Skylar Laine are up next. Jimmy likes Skylar’s performance. It seems obvious that at least Shannon is in trouble. Erika’s in the Bottom 3 girls. Skylar’s safe. And Shannon’s also in the Bottom 3 girls.

Finally, it’s down to Phillip Phillips, Deandre Brackensick, Joshua Ledet and Jeremy Rosado. I believe it’ll be Josh and Jeremy. Phillip is safe. Jeremy is in the Bottom 3 guys. Deandre’s safe. And Joshua rounds out the Bottom 3 guys.

Before leaving for commercial, Ryan Seacrest quickly mentions that both Joshua and Erika are safe.

This week’s mentor, Mary. J. Blige performs “Why.” Her voice is kinda pitchy here, but there’s no denying how powerful her voice is.

On the guys’ side, it’s down to Jermaine and Jeremy. Jermaine’s safe, which means that Jeremy is in the Bottom 2. On the girls’ side, it’s down to Shannon and Elise. Shannon’s safe, so Elise joins Jeremy in the Bottom 2.

Bottom 2:
Jeremy Rosado (Correct Prediction)
Elise Testone (Correct Prediction)

In the final few minutes of the show, Jennifer Lopez announces that the judges have decided to save Elise. Jeremy Rosado is the first eliminated contestant from the Top 13.

During Jeremy’s goodbye video package, we are introduced to this year’s goodbye song, “Please Remember Me,” covered by last year’s winner, Scotty McCreery. The song doesn’t stand out just yet to me.

Jeremy Rosado (Correct Prediction)

I’m surprised that I got every single prediction correct this week, both for the Bottom 2 spots as well as who’s eliminated. Jennifer has been a big fan of Jeremy, but I’m glad she and the other judges did the right thing and sent him packing. Looking ahead, I can’t see him improving if he had stayed in.

Now that he’s gone, who may be in trouble next? Elise could be. She’s got a great voice, so I hope she gets back to the level she was at with her Adele song. Jermaine and Shannon could also be in trouble in the next couple weeks or so. They’ve also got to really step it up now.

Next week, our Top 12 will grace the Idol stage once again and perform for our votes. Remember the Judges Save? I wonder if they’re still going to do that this year. It doesn’t really matter to me either way, for now. And during next week’s results show, Daughtry, fronted by season 4 finalist Chris Daughtry, will return to Idol to perform. Can’t wait for that! See ya then…