American Idol’ 11 Recap: Top 9 Results (Spoilers for UK Residents)

American Idol’ 11 Recap: Top 9 Results (Spoilers for UK Residents)

Steven Tyler announces at the start of the show that Aerosmith will be going on tour soon. You can go to American Idol’s website for all the details on tour stops and when tickets go on sale.

Ryan Seacrest shows some tweets about last night’s performances, including one from Carrie Underwood commenting on Hollie covering her song, “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” There isn’t a tweet for Deandre, but that’s okay, because his message will be delivered in person, by none other than Eric Benet.

Ford Music Video: “I Wanna Rock”

A video is shown of the Top 9 moving into their mansion, with the hastag #idolmansion on the screen the entire time. Do they really think a hashtag like #idolmansion is going to trend? They’ve got to be kidding.

The first three finalists to find out their fate are Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh. Jimmy Iovine liked Elise and Phillip. During all of Jimmy’s commentary videos, the hashtag #telljimmy appears on the screen. Again, do they really think a hashtag like that is going to trend? If anything, the most likely things to trend are either the show name or the names of the finalists. It’s obvious Idol‘s trying to copy The Voice. And even though I prefer Idol over The Voice, Idol needs to learn how to use social media to its best effect. And strange hashtags like #idolmansion and #telljimmy isn’t going to cut it.

Sorry about that rant. Let’s get back on topic: Hollie is in the Bottom 3. Both Phillip and Elise are safe.

Nicki Minaj performs “Starship.” Okay? Moving on…

Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han are up next. Jimmy sort of liked Joshua. Colton’s safe. So is Josh. Which means that Heejun is in the Bottom 3.

Last year’s winner, Scotty McCreery, performs “Water Tower Town.” Afterwards, Jimmy comes out to present Scotty with his platinum record for his album, Clear as Day.

Finally, Skylar Laine, Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez head to the center of the stage. Jimmy liked Jessica and sort of liked Skylar. Jessica is safe. Skylar is in the Bottom 3. So Deandre’s safe.

Bottom 3:
Hollie Cavanagh
Heejun Han
Skylar Laine

With how strong the performances were this week, I wouldn’t have been surprised if we got a shocking elimination. With this Bottom 3, in a way, I could see any of them receiving the lowest votes. And it’s not because they were bad. Many times, circumstances are beyond their control.

The first person to find out they’re safe out of this Bottom 3 is Skylar. Heejun has received the lowest number of votes (so Hollie is safe) and will sing for the Judges Save. He performs “A Song for You.” And fortunately, the judges do not save him. Heejun Han is eliminated. Even though I had predicted Deandre to leave, I’m actually glad I got it wrong this week because I couldn’t wait to see Heejun go home.

Heejun Han

Now that Heejun’s gone, does anything change in the standing now? Both Hollie and Skylar made their first appearances in the Bottom 3 this week. If they’re just average next week, they could be in danger again. And Elise’s fantastic performance of “A Whole Lotta Love” saved her (plus being the last to perform). But she’s got to keep it up or she could be in the Bottom yet again. I have a feeling Deandre almost made the Bottom 3, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s there next week.

Next week, the Top 8 will perform songs from the 80′s. This theme could be right up Colton’s alley. I also expect Elise to do well, and possibly Joshua and Deandre as well. But no matter, song choice is critical, even if you have a broad or somewhat broad theme. Also, The Wanted will perform during the results show. See ya then…