‘American Idol’ 12 Recap: Top 10 Announced

‘American Idol’ 12 Recap: Top 10 Announced

It’s the first live results show of season 12! Let’s bring out the judges–and Keith needs to help Nicki walk because of her high heels. It takes forever for them to get to their seats because of that.

So here’s how the reveal is going to work. Ryan Seacrest is going to go backstage and announce a contestant in the Top 10, he’ll bring them out on stage and they’ll sing a victory song. And here’s the twist that’s not really a twist: the studio audience and judges won’t know who makes it in until they walk out on stage

While I think that little addition is interesting and makes for a different change of pace than we’re used to, I think the producers are messing up big time by filling up pretty much the entire episode with performances that don’t mean anything. Everyone was wondering if there’d be a Wild Card from the judges. It made sense, considering they expanded the results to 90 minutes. Now, that would’ve made for suspenseful television. But since it’s just filler performances that don’t count, they could have easily trimmed it down to one hour. Oh, well.

The guys are up first. Ryan goes backstage to this little holding room where they’re sitting. The first person in the Top 10 is…Paul Jolley! Yay! Even though I ultimately cut him from my predictions last night, I was really hoping he’d made it, and he did. On stage, he performs “Alone.” Afterwards, Keith provides some filler comments to Paul. (Each contestant throughout the night has one judge assigned to them to make comments.)

The next guy moving forward is…Burnell Taylor. He sings “Ready for Love.” Blah. I still don’t get why the judges love him.

Curtis Finch, Jr. is advancing as well, which I’m  happy for. His victory song is “So High.” Overall, his voice is beautiful here, though some of those falsettos are no good at all.

Taking spot #4 is…Devin Valez! Another yay! He sings “The Power of One.” I just love his voice. After, Ryan has his mom come up on stage. She’s hilarious, flirting with Ryan. Mom, he’s taken.

Ryan reveals that over 39 million votes were cast.

The final spot for the guys in the Top 10 is…Lazaro Arbos. Right before he walks out on stage, he gives some instructions to music director Ray Chew for the end of his song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” A very average performance. I’ll tell you this, this is one of my favorite songs, but I don’t like it whenever someone sings it on Idol because in the world of American Idol, this is Clay Aiken’s song–no one can or has been able to match his rendition at the Top 2 of season 2, that almost got him crowned the victor.

Ryan calls out the five eliminated contestants: Elijah, Cortez, Charlie, Nick and Vincent. Am I surprised by these results? Overall, no. But again, I still don’t understand what people see in Burnell. And it’s sad to think that we have Lazaro still here when someone like Nick, who is way more talented than him, has to head home.