American Idol’ 12 Recap: Top 5 Results

American Idol’ 12 Recap: Top 5 Results

This week’s results show starts off with the Top 5 performing a medley of Donna Summer hits.

The Ford Fiesta Mission this time around is called “Celebrity Scavenger Hunt.” The contestants follow clues to find a celebrity, and it turns out to be Matthew Morrison. Oh funny, because Glee is on right after Idol. What a coincidence! And Mr. Morrison apparently has a new album out June 4. I wonder if they’ll include one of the songs on Glee since they did that with his first album.

Each finalist will face the results individually. After the recap and Jimmy Iovine‘s commentary, Angie Miller is told to go back to the couch and wait it out a little bit longer.

When Candice Miller is called up, Randy Jackson mentions how he’s been trying to get a hold of Paula Abdul to tell her about Candice doing her song last night, and what do you know, the one and only Paula Abdul walks out and surprises everyone. After meeting Candice, she goes down and sits in Randy’s seat next to Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Imagine a judging panel of those three! Actually, if they just got rid of Mariah and replaced her with Paula, I’d be so happy. At least she has a personality, unlike the Stuck-Up Diva.

It’s time for a trip down memory lane with the return of Clay Aiken, who reprises “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which he performed during Top 2 week in season 2 — 10 years ago next month, people! When he did this song back then, he created The Moment of the season and everyone predicted he was the winner after that. As he’s singing it tonight, I’m really getting this sense of nostalgia and remember that time when he first sang it. Clay Aiken’s truly a brilliant singer.

It’s Janelle Arthur‘s turn. And Dolly Parton sends a kind message to Janelle since she did one of her songs.

And both Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison each get their turn to face the “results,” only to return to the couch without knowing what’s going to happen.

Another trip down memory lane. During Fantasia‘s intro video, they replay the big moment of season 3 when the three divas — Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and LaToya London — were all in the Bottom 3. Then LaToya gives us an update on what she’s been doing since Idol, which is odd because isn’t this video supposed to be introducing the guest performer? Oh, well. Fantasia performs “Lose to Win” and starts getting emotional at the end of the song. I have to say, she could teach most of the contestants that come on this show a thing or two about naturally connecting with a song on a personal and emotional level. Regardless of how messed up her personal life has been in recent years, she’s still got it!

Seeing Clay and Fantasia tonight makes me wish we could go back to those early years, the heyday of American Idol.

Time for some actual results now. The first person safe is…Candice! Also safe…Angie! And Amber’s moving on as well, which means the Bottom 2 is Kree and Janelle. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Kree’s there because she did perform in the middle of the pack and wasn’t the most memorable.

Bottom 2:
Kree Harrison
Janelle Arthur (Correct Prediction)

And we’re going to commercial with only five minutes to go? What gives?

The person with the fewest number of votes and who will be singing for the Save is…Janelle. She performs “You Keep Me Hanging On.”

Will the judges use their Save? Randy says it a two against two decision. So the Save will not be used, and Janelle Arthur is eliminated.

Janelle Arthur (Correct Prediction)

That late commercial break causes the show to end three minutes late.

So…yeah. There’s four left and the Save hasn’t been used yet? For one, Idol is breaking its own rules because in years past, there was a deadline for when it could be used, and that date is behind us now. At this point, I have no freaking clue what they’re going to do with it. I assume it’ll happen next week, but you never know what they’re going to do.

What did you think of this week’s results? Are you shocked the Save wasn’t used?

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Next week, the Top 4 perform again for our votes. And I assume they’ll be bringing back more former Idol contestants, but nothing’s been announced at this point so we’ll have to wait and find out. See ya then…