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The latest news/gossip and show recaps from inside the 2014 Celebrity Big Brother house

Edele Lynch CBB

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Edele ‘Jigs’ Into The Limelight

Kellie and Stephanie were both the victims’ of the double eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday. I think it was Kellie’s time to go, she had complained…

Frenchy CBB

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Frenchy Is Out ‘Bitches’.

Last night saw the crazy woman known as ‘Frenchy’ aka Angelique Morgan, be the third person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, following US actor’…


Celebrity Big Brother 2014: David McIntosh First To Be Evicted

David McIntosh is the first celebrity to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house Last night, Kelly Brooke’s boyfriend and ex-gladiator – David McIntosh, was the first to be…


Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Who Are They?

White Dee re-enters the house as the Duchess of Solihull. The dust is barely settled on Big Brother 2014 but we’re straight into the second Celebrity Big Brother already. Now…


Celebrity Big Brother 2014: A Look Back….

Jim Davidson wins Celebrity Big Brother First of all apologies for my delayed reaction to the Celebrity Big Brother final – I blame both my dismay at Jim Davidson’s victory…


Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim Davidson Crowned Champ!

Last night saw Brit Comic Jim Davidson crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2014. The 60 year old stand up comedian, who is renowned for his straight talking and…


Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Recap: Jasmine Returns and Lee Leaves….

Lee Ryan being interviewed by Emma Willis Wow, Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother was certainly an explosive one wasn’t it? Jasmine’s return to the house as part of…


Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lionel Leaves But The Show Goes on….

Lionel Blair leaves the CBB house I was quite surprised to see Lionel Blair leave the CBB house on Friday. I’d started to warm to him, at 82 his showbiz…


CBB 2014 Recap: Jasmine Exits the House….

Jasmine Waltz leaves the CBB house Apparently this is the most watched CBB for a long time. I’m not surprised; there has certainly been a lot of action going on…