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Sometimes we can get sick of hearing the same old sound on our radio’s, the generic ramblings of the latest pop starlet or band, every song resembling the last and merging into one long all to familiar predictable drone. That’s why when we catch wind of an artist that is choosing to produce something completely different we just have to share it with you and offer you the chance to treat your ears to a sound that steps out of the box and with Aoede that’s exactly what you get.

Lisa Sniderman aka Aoede is not new to the music scene, on the contrary, she has been making large waves for a while now and has been receiving huge acclaim from it. Her debut album, ‘Push and Pull’, released in 2008, was named Album of the decade by Women’s Radio and earned Aoede a top artist of 2008 award. The San Francisco born singer/songwriter has continued her success with her 2011 album ‘Affair With The Muse’  which picked up numerous awards including The Indie Music Channels ‘Album of the Year’ and also gave Lisa the ‘Best Acoustic Folk artist award’.

Lisa, who takes her stage name from the ‘Muse of song’ featured in Greek Mythology, has started 2012 with a bang, recently releasing her fourth official compilation ‘Skeletons Of a Muse’ which consists of 13 brand new tracks that look set to earn the artist yet more awards.

Aoede’s refreshing vocals that float effortlessly over her uplifting productions bring a smile to every face and even when here tracks focus on the more negative elements of life there is still an underlying optimism that gives the listener an overwhelming sense that everything WILL be ok.

aoede skeletons of a museAoede’s current album ‘Skeletons Of a Muse’ features some undeniably stand out tracks including ‘Love Proof’ and ‘Fairytale Love’ and contribute to an outstanding production of Music that showcases how different and unique this artist is, a rare talent that has shown consistency and versatility through her output paving the way for a bright and expanding future.

For more information on Aoede and a chance to listen to hear new album ‘Skeletons Of a Muse’, which is OUT NOW, you can visit her official website.

For now you can exclusively check out two tracks from the album right here….

Aoede: ‘Loveproof

Aoede: ‘Fairytale Love’




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